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Posted: November 3, 2009 in Gaming, The Funny

Whilst playing CoX today I was noting the names we’ve all come to know each other by as most of us do not know eachother in real life…we know one another by primary character name or our “global” in game handles or whatever.  As we were doing missions and chatting today I was noting what we call each other, the merry crew and all…

Bane, Rooster, Llama, Mal, Rip, Phreak, Slapper…

We sound like a satanic fraternity…

I admit, it made me snicker, what with the silliness and all.  Silly, but fun.

  1. Vladimir says:

    So beats my real name : )

    I still don;’t know how Rooster(and bane) think I am a girl after all these years though

    • rootietoot says:

      Do you play like a girl?

      I think y’all sound like a punk band from the ’80s.

      • Vladimir says:

        yeah I see the punk bad thing too : )

        and I don;t think I play liek a girl, I mean sure I’m often wearing a dress when I play but it’s not like the webcam is turned on. And even if it was, while i have great legs, I don’t think anyone would be fooled ;p

        To be serious I tihnk it is because the character a lot of these people met me on was a female (though I have mroe male toons, just a timing thing) but I didn’t act like your typicla gamer boy as a girl, no running around in underwear, no flirting, being admantly opposed to cyber sexing (eww gross). But i have to wonder, Do I give off a vibe? After all last time i was in Georgetwon, a guy did hit on me : (

      • I was thinking something like the gang of hackers from a bad cyberpunk movie.

    • rachel cervantes says:

      CoX? I’m afraid, very afraid! LOL!

  2. Ren says:

    CoX: shorter version of “City of Heroes/City of Villains” – a comic book based (i.e. you are a hero or a villain) MMORPG.

    And it’s okay Vladimir, my first character was a dude, and the hero I seem to be playing most these days is a dude. As for “inappropriate” female toons, with the exception of perhaps one…in a boxing outfit- heh- your gal toons are all covered up and respectable and all.

    • Vladimir says:

      I don’t know if Mournful is appropriate, but the whole possesed by an alien thing might leadto some interesting gender identity concerns anyway.

      And the boxing outfit is very respectable. The mesh one, well I think it’s appropriate.

      • Ren says:

        LOL…well, seeing as some of my male toons run around in outfits most dudes would not wear unless they worked as strippers…I suppose all is fair….

      • Ren says:

        Oh, and that is to say nothing of my female toons who run around in very little, but I really only have one of those, and she doesn’t wear anything that I wouldn’t…so I figure it is okay. LOL

  3. Gaina says:

    Hahah, ‘Slapper’ made me laugh – does it have the same meaning in the U.S as it does here? (i.e. Slut).

  4. Vladimir says:

    though can i ask the question since we are talking CoX? what the hell is up with all the guys pretending to be girls cybersexing ?
    Am I jsut getting old but it makes no sense to me? Where is the fun in it even? Jsut seems weird and vaguely misogynistic and homo erotic atthe same time.

    • Ren says:

      I dunno, I just get hit on when playing Mav, I don’t understand…

    • rootietoot says:

      I think it’s fun to take on a completely different character for a while. (since this is my only basis for comparison)…I always played male dwarves in D&D, something about the battle axes and beards…today I’m wishing I had a role playing game thing on…I’m feeling kind of nuclear. It would feel good to beat the shit out of someone.

    • Hoping that the person on the other end is actually female? I don’t know, I don’t get cybersex in the first place. (I’m not really even into RPing in games like this.)

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