Posted: October 31, 2009 in Personal

Am going to go carve pumpkins.

I am going to pass out candy.

I am going to put on a costume and go to a club with Vladimir.

I am going to have fun, and hopefully for a couple of hours forget about what shit heads great sections of humanity can be.

  1. Gaina says:

    Sounds great. Please at lots of Candy Corn on my behalf (I LOVE the stuff but you can’t get it here!)

  2. rachel cervantes says:

    Good plan, Ren. So your costume..what is it? I went to Rocky Horror last night as Magenta. Didn’t look bad for an old broad, either.

  3. Vladimir says:

    technically hanging out with me should only remind you what shit heads humans can be

  4. Vladimir says:

    sorry about the pumpkin smashers : (

    • Ren says:

      If I find them, they will be sorry.

    • Roy Kay says:

      Pumpkin smasher? I never got why anyone would so such a thing.

      I mean someone wants to smash their own, feel free. Or even set up a public smashing row, with pumpkins looking like Bush, Obama, or anyone else. But wrecking other people’s stuff on general principles just escapes me. I don’t know that I’d necessarily go into killer mode. I suppose it would depend on if they could eat the pieces without choking to death.

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