You know what is really a joke?

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Rants

Yep, after a brief respite the blog mascot is back….

watchmen-comedian1And yep, some people surely wonder and speculate about my affection for the Comedian, but I fail to care. 

And yep, sure enough, it is supposed to be the I’m not talking about it subject here but I fail to care about that either. 

I have come to the conclusion that Radical Feminism (not necessarily all radical feminists, but the idea and movement within the feminist movement) is a complete fucking joke.  I’ve read, I’ve listened, I’ve watched, I’ve observed, hell, I’ve even interacted.  Via all that?  Well, there is the conclusion I have come to.

Taking down the men?  They are so not prepared for that.  Making men change?  Why the fuck would they?  Why would anyone on top, in charge, and in power willingly give that up to a group of people who pretty much openly hate them, find them stupid, think of them as animals, and want payback?  There is no benefit there at all.  Considering things said and accusations made against men…why the hell would men suddenly decide “oh, this is a good idea, let’s just turn over the mantle right now?”  And further more, how could men ever expect that radical feminists would treat them like fellow human beings with thoughts, feelings, strengths, weaknesses and all that other good human stuff- you know, as equals- when it seems that within radical feminism- it is impossible to even do that to other women?  Women, who are “fun” feminists or not feminist at all or just somehow are not down with the plan often get treated like shit.  They can be treated in an aggressive manner, or a passive aggressive manner, or subject to ageist/classist/elitist bullshit, or just get patted on the head and told they are not smart or deep or aware enough, they can be told to examine…then examine some more, then examine once again just to make sure.  They can get called sick, or demented, or vile, or treacherous, or all kinds of other things and treated like crap….but then there,there, Radical Feminism is all about women and hearing and caring and doing for them.

Except the ones who can be mocked and ignored.

What a fucking joke.

And sometimes I wonder if the thought that Radical Feminism is so widely unpopular amid both men and many, many women is not because non-believers are stupid or unaware or just not whatever enough but because those people, especially the women, see straight through the crap and spot another way of shoving shit down peoples throats standing right in front of them?  It might be wrapped in different packaging, but strip that away and it is all the same. 

At least now I can sit back and laugh.



  1. Stone Fox says:

    i gotta say, that is exactly why i don’t go in for all of that bullshit. i don’t need a group of women trying to browbeat me into believing that just because my life is very traditional and I am not out championing The Downfall of The Male Gender that i am not smart, aware, or allowed to have an opinion.

    once in a while i’ll head over to the feminist websites to see what they’ve got going on. frankly, i am disinterested at best. it appears to be very un-fun. far too serious. dry. and it always seems to be the same boring, recycled stuff. yawn. over it.

  2. Ernest Greene says:

    Well, at least you have your sense of humor back. It’s really quite a deadly weapon. The one thing these evil cranks want is to be taken seriously. And they’re only dangerous to the extent that some gullible souls in MSM like Chris Hedges and Bob Herbert actually do take them seriously.

    Voltaire once said he wondered how two priests could pass each other in the street with straight faces. When I read the nonsense spewed by radfems and their pals as they try to top each other at being more extreme and unconstructive in all respects, I’m inclined to find it pretty funny too.

    As to whether they will ever achieve the overthrow of the patriarchy, I’m not holding my breath on that one. First they’d have to agree on a plan and I really can’t do without oxygen that long.

  3. Vladimir says:

    The problem is the fact the MSM takes them seriously, they are a total fringe movement, a collection of internet tough guys (gals) who just proletyze the already converted. Much like flat earters they should be ignroed, because giving them any sort of attention just encourages them to spew more hate (and however they cover it up, that’s waht they are doing , selling, marketing a hate message).

  4. rootietoot says:

    I think The Comedian is…erm…(shifty eyes) kind of …welll….sexy. He’s really the only Watchmen character who seemed real-ish to me, and he’s handsome in a 1970’s kinda way. and a Bad Boy…we all know church ladies REALLY feel about Bad Boys.

    ok, now, as for the radfems…yeah, they love preaching to the choir, don’t they. Every time one of them starts spouting off, I go “phphhtt” and return to ironing my husband’s shirts, because in exchange for that I get to go crazy at The Dekalb Farmer’s Market. They just don’t get the whole man/woman relationship thing, and how it’s a symbiosis, not a Perfectly Equal In Every Way thing…at least not for me, anyway. So they have nothing to say to me At All.

    • rootietoot says:

      The ironing/ farmers market thing works like this: I could pay $2 a shirt to have them cleaned and ironed, or I could do it myself. The money saved goes into a kitty, that I can spend where I like…The Farmer’s Market, usually, a culinary Disneyland. The food bought there in turn benefits my husband, who gets to enjoy sage derby cheese and westphalian ham, who is then happy and lets me pick Saturday Night Netflix (because we’re crazy wild like that)…symbiosis, not Absolute Equality….that’s how life really works in a relationship.

    • Ren says:

      Jeffery Dean Morgan aka the Comedian is hot. No question. But I dig him for other reasons too.

      I think I once said something like things work around here because I won’t swear too much at a lawn mower and Mr. E is way better at picking up heavy shit…

  5. Eli says:

    Radical feminism:

    For millennia, men have abused, oppressed, shamed, demeaned, controlled, and exploited women.

    We want in on their racket.

  6. Kirby1024 says:

    “And yep, some people surely wonder and speculate about my affection for the Comedian, but I fail to care.”

    Actually, having read you for a while, I can see exactly why you take such a shine to the Comedian. You have very compatible worldviews!

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