Posted: October 27, 2009 in Personal, Pornography, WTF???

Yeah, the recent porn thread at ND’s, where once again some meatsack is doing the whole all porn women are being raped crap again, ala Gail Dines, so on, plus the whole no one could like that, blah blah blah blah…same fuckin’ dance I’ve done 1000 times before and it still seems like my toes are swollen from all the stomping. 

You know what, on Saturday I engaged in some serious heavy duty full contact wrestling.  Like, actual wrestling and fighting kind of stuff (i.e., not sex).  With…a dude.  Who is taller and heavier than me by a fair amount (and when I say fair, I mean like a foot taller and prolly around 75-90 pounds).  I twisted my wrist.  I have skin missing from my knees and elbows.  He does as well, and his jaw was sore.  In short, this resulted in pain.  I am sure the crowd over an ND’s would want to have him arrested for assault and battery.  I, however, had an awesome time.  It was fun.  It was good exercise.  It was cathartic.  And behold….I consented to all of it and enjoyed it no matter what it might have looked like to any body else or what they would think of it… I had FUN.  I do not regret doing it at all.

Eye of the beholder and all, and guess what, the only fucking beholder that matters on that front (or in a porn scene, or anything else) is the one who is engaging it the activity. 

The peanut gallery can take a walk, you know?

  1. Vladimir says:

    sounds like you know some weiird people

  2. Roy Kay says:


    thinking of the MESSAGE you are sending! All those women who will be PRESSURED by their boyfriends to wrestle! The Corporate Patriarchy(R) will exploit women by selling wrestling cosmetics and women will be expected to look a little bruised and abraded. AND then they’ll start having to get “muscle” implants to look like wrestlers.

    Hmmmmmmmm. Is there anything I forgot to add in there?

  3. I apologize if it’s annoying discussion to be in again, but… I’m still kind of glad to see you weigh in. The willingness of some people to take away the decision making abilities of others is at least pretty high on the list of things that freak me out.

    I’d also like to thank Ernest for the insight into the actual shooting process.

    • Ren says:

      It doesnt freak me out, people like to abuse power and not just in sex, even if it is merely percieved power, like “knowing” for others. It pisses me off on a level that is almost hard to articulate. It lessens the decision making abilities of women who are in porn or engage in sexual practices these folk do not approve of to almost zero and imho, cheapens real cases of rape. If a woman cannot say YES and be believed, how in the hell is one supposed to know when she “really” says anything else, including “no”.

      I do not have the right to say when any other woman has or has not been raped, and other people sure as hell do not have the right to say that for me or any other woman- no matter what kind of sex she has or if she has it on film or not.

      Serious fucking boundry issues going on will ALL that, and how they fail to get that freakin’ stuns me.

      • Vladimir says:

        Well it’s very simple Ren, if they accepted that everyoen wa able to make their own decisions and had their own agency, well then there’d be no need for the people who make their living/get their kick off/define their self worth by telling people how to live. It’s the same in relgion, feminism, political radicalsim or reactionarism, etc. This is their “goat” behavior they use to rally the troops around who then listen to their demagogurey.

      • I suppose it’s less personal for me since (so far) *my* decision making ability hasn’t been called into question. On the other hand, I get angry about plenty of other things that don’t directly impact me as well. I suppose my articulation could use some improvement too.

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