Posted: October 20, 2009 in Sports



Ren does a happy dance, ’cause I hate San Diego, and I hate Phillip Rivers!  MUHAHAHAHAHA!

  1. Vladimir says:

    though I hate the throw back look

  2. I”m thinking that Josh McDaniels job is safe now?

    • Vladimir says:

      How could anyone of doubted the genius of Josh McDaniels, I for one saw this coming the moment he was hired

    • Ren says:

      I am guessing so, yes! Rumor has it Shannahan will be here in DC shortly.

    • Ahhhh….no more threatened than Sean Payton’s jjob, me thinks.

      WTF is up with Denver’s throwback gear?? Which team wore those duds….the 1950’s??

      Whatever…..anyone for a Saints-Broncos Super Bowl???

      (running serious gleeful smack after seeing Drew Brees chew up and spit out Big Blue’s D)

  3. Oh…and Shanahan at the ‘Skins??? Probably…if Tennessee doesn’t grab him first.

    Here’s an even bigger WTF…how does a team go from home field advantage and best regular season record one year to threatening even the futility of Detroit Lions 2008 this year?? Losing to the Pats isn’t a sin, but losing 59-0?? Having Tom Brady throwing roughshod on your allleged D?? IN A SNOWSTORM?!?!?! Is it the curse of the late Steve McNair???

    Then again, using that ugly old Houston Oilers gear from the owner who basically abandoned that city overnight…..probably not a good idea, Bud Adams.

    Some feast, and others get feasted on. The state of the NFL these days.


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