Well, that was different…

Posted: October 18, 2009 in Gaming

(Some amusing-?- gamer weirdness)

Okay, so the character that I am pretty much playing the most in CoX these days, on the hero side anyway, is a dude.  mav6

See?  Very dude like, right down to the muscles and cigar and all.   No mistaking that character for a non-dude.  He is manly and stuff.  Well, once I wrote about weird things that happen with guys and gaming when one plays a male character, hell, same character in that post, just a different outfit.  But today, something different and odd that had never happened to me before whilst playing a dude character happened…

My Avatar totally got hit on.  And not in a role playing/midst of combat funny snarky silly way.  But like a person sending me private game chats and stuff hitting on good old Maverick Six there.   It was a little odd.  The avatar of the person hitting on me was female, and rather sedate looking, no idea about the player, but I did laugh at the idea of some male gamer pretending to be a woman hitting on a male avatar played by a woman.  That is some highly amusing and somewhat twisted stuff right there. 

However,  I will have you know that Mav was a perfect gentleman, declined the heroines offers and ignored her overt statements and merely kicked villain ass all night long!  Truth is, she was rather annoying.

And I can tell there is some odd stuff going on with my costumes in CoX being influenced by the costumes of actual comic book characters I rather like a lot.  Hummm.  There is a resemblance.

  1. Vladimir says:

    i never get the cy ber sexers in COH

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