I spent almost the whole day…

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Gaming

Playing City of Heroes/Villains.  And you know what?  It was freakin’ awesome.    Made up some new characters: A hero, peacebringer, named “Shining Express” who I am diggin’. He’s a dude.  In a group that is rather paramilitary (the name makes sense for history geeks who know way too much about military ops of the past).  A villain, corruptor, named “Belle Tower” who yep, has a BFG, and another hero, scrapper, named “Saint Sabre” who I am not sure about her powers and how much I like them yet because…well, I play a lot of scrappers and thus am picky about them.  Also got my oldest ( not favorite)  character, a hero blaster, to level 49.5 this eve.  Oh, and Belle? She totally looks like a character a dude would make.  I have a few of those, I admit it.  Then again, IMHO, most of my male characters are pretty hot…and I play a fair amount of male characters…more than most people I think.  It seems like a lot of women play women, and a lot of men play women…I have a pretty even split, favoring women slightly.

In any event, it was a good way to spend the day.  Fun, no stress, no BS, just Sharon trying to eat my feet while I was playing.  I think, mayhaps,  I will do the same thing tomorrow.

  1. Vladimir says:

    this post makes me happy -glad you had a good day

  2. Gaina says:

    Sounds like a plan 🙂

  3. Stone Fox says:

    i spent the whole morning alternately sleeping and blowing the back off the toilet with the stomach flu. then i spent the rest of the day cleaning my house to try and break my fever.

    don’t you fucking hate it when people drag out their ‘i’m sickly’ stories that are such a downer?

  4. Orion says:

    I am in awe of you simply for your ability to play so many Assault Rifle characters. I’ve tried a whole bunch and they frustrate me to no end.

    • Ren says:

      I have two AR blasters, and if you are used to other types of blasters, they can seem that way. My first main character was AR, so I got used to it quick. Great range, great recharge, not as much damage. I find electic blasters far more frusterating.

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