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I spent almost the whole day…

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Gaming

Playing City of Heroes/Villains.  And you know what?  It was freakin’ awesome.    Made up some new characters: A hero, peacebringer, named “Shining Express” who I am diggin’. He’s a dude.  In a group that is rather paramilitary (the name makes sense for history geeks who know way too much about military ops of the past).  A villain, corruptor, named “Belle Tower” who yep, has a BFG, and another hero, scrapper, named “Saint Sabre” who I am not sure about her powers and how much I like them yet because…well, I play a lot of scrappers and thus am picky about them.  Also got my oldest ( not favorite)  character, a hero blaster, to level 49.5 this eve.  Oh, and Belle? She totally looks like a character a dude would make.  I have a few of those, I admit it.  Then again, IMHO, most of my male characters are pretty hot…and I play a fair amount of male characters…more than most people I think.  It seems like a lot of women play women, and a lot of men play women…I have a pretty even split, favoring women slightly.

In any event, it was a good way to spend the day.  Fun, no stress, no BS, just Sharon trying to eat my feet while I was playing.  I think, mayhaps,  I will do the same thing tomorrow.