Humans, again.

Posted: October 14, 2009 in Humans

So the battle royale about Sasha Grey one entry under this has me just shaking my head and sneering.  For real.   I gotta say, humans for the most part are just something I fail to have an interest in quite often these days.  I mean, even out and about in meatspace, I have a couple people I really like to hang out with- other folk, not so much.  Same as on line, there I people I like to read/speak to so on, others, no so much.  Hell, here lately, I’d rather play CoX or write and hang out in meat space with a couple people than do much of anything else because humans?  Pfft.  And this thing with Grey?  Pfft.  Yep, reminds me why people often annoy the fuck out of me.

For real, let’s break it down:

-If one is against exploiting people for an agenda or any other reason, then why the fuck would they go ahead and exploit them for an agenda or other reason?

-Why, if a person chooses to do things another person would not choose to do is it suddenly such fucking drama and disbelief and “OMG, FORCE, NO AGENCY, DELUSION!”  I freakin’ choose to never eat Sushi, I sure as hell do not think Sushi eaters are so blindsided and weak that they cannot actually choose to eat Sushi, of their own accord and everything.

-The whole deal with the idea of a universal experience for women or whatever….shit I wish that would die in a fire.  The pure blind stupidity and boundary issues it spawns are both pathetic and horrifying.  FFS, there is no such thing as a universal woman or a universal experience for women and this whole “no woman would not want to do X because I would not want to do X” crap is absolutely asinine.  Clue here, we are not clones. 

intellectual snobbery and woo “I am soooo much more smart and learned and wise and worldly and mature than you” crap.  The arrogance is cloying.  I mean, I have a theory about people who constantly run around telling everyone how much smarter and more intellectual they are than others….but it ain’t very nice. 

I’m going to bed now.

  1. Sneeky Bunny says:

    I have to agree. Patting some one on the head and telling them that they’ll see the error of their ways some day, when they have done X Y or Z or achieved some magical age is not only hugely insulting, but effectively shuts down the conversation.

  2. Rachel S. says:

    No, no, not eating sushi is different. Choosing to engage or not to engage in an activity with another human is different from choosing to engage or not to engage in an activity with food. I think a more appropriate analog would be that you choose not to eat human flesh, but don’t think that people who do don’t have the ability to choose not to do it or are being fooled into believing that it’s really pot roast.

    Unless you DO engage in cannibalism. Then my argument falls apart completely. (Sorry for wank… can’t go to bed yet.)

  3. Gaina says:

    Hehe You don’t need to say a word to me about your theory because I strongly suspect we already share it :).

    I just wonder what’s so scary about letting people make informed choices do things that you might not like to do yourself? I’d really like to know what personal impact it has on the people that’s so severe they can’t just leave other people alone to make informed choices about their lives and….oh, I dunno…actually HELP people who ARE being forced to do things against their will?

  4. rootietoot says:

    “-If one is against exploiting people for an agenda or any other reason, then why the fuck would they go ahead and exploit them for an agenda or other reason?”

    Because their agenda matters, and that’s all that matters.

  5. More Sasha Grey fail:

    Basically, a video-post by a 20 year-old who knows everything calling out Sasha Grey as young and dumb and too young to know anything….

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