Sports Announcers and Experts need to STFU…

Posted: October 12, 2009 in Sports

 As week five of the NFL draws to a close…

The New York Giants are 5-0
The Minnesota Vikings are 5-0  (happy 40th B-Day, Brett!)
The New Orleans Saints, chillin with a bi week, are 4-0
It looks as if, right now anyway, that by dawn tomorrow, the Indy Colts will also be 5-0.

Oh yeah, and the Denver Broncos are also 5-0.  Yet where is the respect?  When they were 3-0, well, it was a fluke and they’d not yet played any good or “challenging” teams  (hey, ask the Ravens fans how bad The Bengals are, btw).    When they beat Dallas, well, it was because Dallas is self destructing.  And now, after one heck of a nail bitter, the Denver Broncos are 5-0, having defeated the New England Patriots.  Hummm, ya think the Pats count as a challenging team at all or anything? 

And yep, sure enough, it is still early and Denver has some rough games ahead; the Eagles, the Giants, the Ravens, the Steelers, the Colts…carnage indeed….but gee, the Denver Broncos, like the Giants and all those other teams everyone just loves and thinks are so awesome are 5-0.  Which is, you know, a better record than that of the Steelers, or the Titans, or….gee a bunch of other teams. 

But all these asshole announcers can do is sit around and talk about how gee, how messed up is it, how odd, how impossible it seems that Denver is 5-0!  Clue here, idiots, they are 5-0 because they are playing pretty well and why yes, that wee little defense they have is doing its job damn well….how about mentioning that for a change, because you know, yeah, Tom Brady and crew are just sooo easy to walk all over! 

Morons.  Jill B and I are way better sports announcers than these idiots.

  1. All sports announcers can suck my fucking nutsack! The fuckwad dumshits!

  2. Hanna says:

    I’d start watching American Football if y’all were casting.

  3. rootietoot says:

    sports announcers are irritating. The NASCAR ones are funny, tho…”Oh Look! A crash!”

  4. Erik says:

    The Broncos are tough. No big names, maybe, but a fired-up coach and guys who find a way to win every time. On other hand…what about those throwback uniforms?

  5. Erik says:

    Oh yeah, and a killer D.

  6. Maybe we can be the radio voice of the UFL? Did anyone know last weekend was their debut?

    In Pre Season 2007 Ren and I made our Super Bowl Predictions. She picked Pittsburgh to be in the Super Bowl, I picked Arizona. It was Pittsburgh vs. Arizona. I’m wondering how many other announcing teams got that one right at the start of the season…

    Now on to this year……. Denver is playing really well. San Diego might not want to wait until the 13th game of the season to start catching up this year.

    Of course, yesterday’s win against my beloved Patriots was a terrible turn of events….. I’m thinking though, perhaps New England let the Broncos win because Belichek is a very nice man who is concerned about his former pupil and wanted Josh to have a nice start to the year in his first head coaching job :)……..

    If I remember right last season the Patriots were very helpful to Jay Cutler, helping him get most of the game off with pay! Bill Belichek is just misunderstood. I”m certain the whole cheating scandal was misunderstood. Belichek must have thought other teams just wanted extra footage of the games and was saving the tapes to give to them for christmas presents when the time was right!

  7. As much as I must, as a Packers fan, loathe the Vikings – only a heartless fool could fail to love Brett Favre’s return to glory. If only the Packers O-line could give A-Rod the protection that #4 enjoys! A couple of years ago, I predicted (wished for) a 40-year-old Brett Favre lifting the Lombardi Trophy – I imagined it would be in green-and-gold, but hey, apart from that it could come true!

    All respect is due to the Broncos, no doubt about it, but sports pundits are the same everywhere it seems: only the “big” teams are worthy of mention, everyone else is just “plucky but doomed to fail”. Some years, it’s true. Others, not so much.

  8. Been offline for a bit, so just delurking quick enough for a comment…

    Congrats to Denver on whacking the Pats…I’m sure Jill is still crying in her beer right about now.

    Ahhh, Ren…”bi week”?!?! Is there something you’re hiding from us about Drew Brees and the Saints?? LOL

    Of course Brett Farve’s gonna thrive in Minnesota….two words: Adrian Peterson. Much easier to perform miracles when you have that hammer in your backfield.

    Nice to be getting back to the NFL scene.

    Oh…and begrudging props to Florida for coming to play against LSU…if only we had a quarterback, though, it would have been different. And my condolences to Rootie on Auburn losing to Arkansas…they’ll get theirs in the Iron Bowl later on.


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