What are you gonna do with your weekend???

Posted: October 9, 2009 in Personal

shot-of-sylarI am taking the weekend off from blogging so I can go saw open people’s heads for their ticking brains er, clean my house, hang with Vladimir, and enjoy the wonder that is double XP weekend on CoX. 

And possibly bond with my TV boyfriend. 

There may be fiction over at the LJ (come on, who does not want to meet Zero’s mom?) but other than that…

No bloggyness aside from maybe checkin’ comments till Monday.    I mean, sure, I have stuff to blog about, but the desire to actually do so when there are so many brains out there so few nice fall days left and things to do out in the Real World?  Ahhh, yes, mini-vacation. 

When I return, however, look for Why criminalizing the selling of sex is stupid and does not work, more on porn, and why yes, Ren looks for a Real Day Job…

  1. rootietoot says:

    y’know whats a fantastic use of technology? netflix Instant play..I can get Heroes, a week later than network, with NO ADS. I, too, intend to watch Sylar (only I’ll go “tsktsk”) and moon a little over Matt Parkman (what IS it about beefy paladins that ring my bell?). But what I really want to do is get in a mean-assed car and run over a few idiots. I won’t tho, because I don’t have a car like that, and being run over by a red beetle is like being slapped with a chuckling hamster.

    Anyway, enjoy your whisky and drag racing with Vladimir, and I await with interest the Real Day Job thing.

  2. Sylar is a great antidote for gangrene of the soul, I have discovered.

  3. Day job, check out some sex-toy stores and places like that. I know a stripper who just started working in one! 🙂

    Love ya and love Syler too!

  4. Kristen says:

    I have a three point plan. 😉

    (1) I threw out my back, so I’ll be enjoying some nice medication as often as possible.
    (2) I aim to put out at least 10 customized and lucid resumes and cover letters.
    (3) Play lots and lots of video games.

    Given (1), (3) is probably more likely than (2).

  5. ginmar says:

    Man, I miss you, weirdly, on these quiet Saturday nights. It would be so, so nice if we could hang out regularly and raise hell.

    I should start looking into train tickets, shouldn’t I?

  6. Vladimir says:

    me…I am going to smack a lot of ass

  7. Vladimir says:

    and no whiskey and drag racing maybe some milk and cookies

  8. (1) Drink motherfucking jameson.

    (2) Watch football.

    (3) Watch baseball.

  9. rachel cervantes says:

    Funny! You are a funny woman, Ms. Ren.

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