Posted: October 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

Check it, I am totally whining.

I have come to the grand conclusion that I am over appreciated and under paid.  Yep.  I believe this to be  true.  I get asked to write things, speak places, do things for people- everything from offer my unique utterly oddly wired insight and advice to defend…all kinds of shit, and people insist that I rock the house at this kind of thing, but you know what?  There is no money in any of this. Hell, I am still owed money from the last speaking gig I did, and you know, I could use it right about now.  Being good at a lot of the shit I am apparently good at?  No cash coming in from that.


I mean, when I hear person X is getting a book deal or someone else  is in a paid art show or citizen so and so is getting fiction published or is getting a paid gig writing for a trade (hahaha) publication and so on, I’ll admit it…I get jealous. It’s petty and all that crap, but yeah, I do.  It happens.  That Deadly Envy, that green-eyed gal, she rears her head and I get jealous.

Now, this is gonna sound funny, but maybe I am too nice.  I think people figure that if I feel passionately about something or it is something I like doing anyway, they can get me to do it for free; be the meat shield without pay and all.  And yep, I have done this, a lot. And yep, people give me the whole “you are so awesome” thing for it, which is nice…

But it would be real damn awesome if awesome paid better.

  1. rootietoot says:

    I totally hear you. totally.
    “oh, you’re so good at (X) would you organize (XYZ) and all? Kthhxbai.

  2. Eli says:

    And some people can quit their jobs and live entirely off drawing stick figure comics. Life is SO unfair… =P

  3. Stone Fox says:

    stop doing it for free. completely. yeah yeah i get the whole “for the love of the craft” argument. i seriously doubt basketball players feel bad about getting paid (fucking obscene amounts of money) to do what they love.

    the utilities company will not accept ego-strokes on your behalf as payment for the gas or water bill. it’s great to help people out for free, but if this what you’re good at and you like doing, then you should be getting paid to do it.

  4. Ernest Greene says:

    Amen to this. I’ve tried to rationalize spending huge amounts of my time defending an industry where I still have jump through hoopes to get a reasonably well-compensated directing project after 25 years of making tens of millions of dollars for others.

    Others who expect me to take arrows on their behalf. I have to admit, thick as my hide may be, I’m getting jsut a little sick of that. It’s satisfying to be of service to a cause in which I believe, but I think I’ve given at the office just about enough.

    Maybe I should try letting some one else do this largely unpleasant gig for free … oh, wait there isn’t anybody elase.

    Gee, too bad about that. Somebody should perhaps have given the matter some though and put two and two together and sent me four. It’s a little late now.

  5. Ernest Greene says:

    Once again, sorry for the typos. Still having trouble reading the white-on-black type thing. I’ll get used to it eventually.

  6. J says:

    I’m sorry I am one small participant in the whole “you are so awesome and you should give all your knowledge and time away for free!” thing… if it’s any consolation… I would definitely buy a book you wrote if ever you wrote one. And if you lived in Canada I bet you could get a job as a prof (not that it pays well).

  7. Mr.grim says:

    I think it has alot to do with entitlement. People expect that if you are able to do it , that you would be more than happy to do it for them. Not long ago I was asked to take pictures and do some filming so that they could make money…. He would have made a large sum of money…but I was going to do it for free??? Next time some one asked you to do some art or the like, charge them .

  8. Gaina says:

    You should charge a fee for speaking to groups that can obviously afford to pay you *something*. You seem like the type of person who would do a free lecture if it was for a good cause and they were strapped for cash so I think it’s only right that the people who CAN afford to pay for your time should do so.

    How about putting your stories on one of those blogs where people have to pay to read them? Drop me an email if you want more details of those because I have a friend who writes for some of those websites (mainly erotica) and she’s got a book coming out on the strength of her web popularity so I am sure she’d have some useful contacts.

    Selling your art would be a good idea too…or do you do that already?

  9. octogalore says:

    Yeah — awesomeness (which you have in spades) and the gratitude of friends — heartwarming, but not bill-paying.

    I feel jealous as well when I find out that someone has turned a labor of love into income. Never quite figured out how to do that, with the result that I’m one of many who’d quit my gig in the first split second after winning the lottery. Thing is, I think most are in this boat. Much of being paid to do what you love is right place, right time. As you have more things you love to do plus do well than most of us, you have a better chance than most of “right place right time,” but there is still that huge component of luck.

    Maybe it’s worthwhile to set up a business website where you advertise the various skills people ask you to contribute in terms of speaking, art, etc. and discuss standard fees. You could put up testimonials from work you’ve done in the past (whether or not you got paid). That way when people ask, you can be very flattered and then send them to the site.

  10. I’ll pay you to draw me from a photo! E-mail me if you’re up for it:

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