Okay Then…

Posted: October 5, 2009 in Art

I will be posting the Part Three Story over at the LJ.  Find the tag “The Learning Process”, click it, (or just click that) and read away if you are inclined to do so.  Because of the way LJ works, the beginning will be the oldest entry, and newer parts will go up from there.   I should have the whole thing up there by tomorrow if not sooner.  That said, before you go on over there…please remember the following words from the GER…

I wrote that story several years back, long before I censored anything for any reason at anytime for any one.  It is filled with sex, violence, sexual violence, murder, foul language and all kinds of other shit that is not pleasant and some people may find it triggering even though it is completely fictional.  Yes, one, perhaps even two,  of the characters are prize winning misogynists.  Many of the others are prize winning lunatics.   And no (grins at SE) Martell is NOT a hero!

  1. I think I like this totally uncensored style more. I’m definitely enjoying reading where it’s all coming from.

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