Okay then, back to stuff I like…

Posted: October 4, 2009 in Art

zer copyOkay then, did some writing today- everyone’s favorite lunatic General is back along with her boyfriend, her brother, and the rest of the merry crew…

Over here.


Sleep, I must sleep now before football…

  1. Jessica says:

    I just got caught up with Beyond the Empire, and shit damn, woman. I hope we’ll get to see Ari living up to his title of Nightmare at some point? He’s been mean to a couple people but mostly pretty decent so far, all things considered. I wouldn’t exactly nominate him for Nice Guy of the Month, no, but I feel like people don’t get a nick like that for being a little callous to Ona, heh.

    Well, except for that super hot sex scene with the General, who is beyond awesome. That was debatably Nightmarish, depending on how vanilla you are. (I want to be able to have sex like that! but most of the time I want my partners alive afterwards, even in my fantasies)

    I love that you always have a character smirking in the background when people deserve to be smirked at. And that you incorporated a gut wound into a sex scene. Man, that was like my hot steamy dirty little secret fantasy, and then I found it in your fiction. Heh. Rad.

    • Ren says:

      Jessica- Beyond the Empire is part four in a series, and yeah, this far, Ari is very…resonable. If you check in the tags over there, look for Lines of Succession, which is the story prior to Beyond the Empire. He is less reasonable. 🙂

      And nothing says lust like a gut wound.

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