Posted: October 4, 2009 in Sports

Ahem…the previously deemed one of the worst teams in the NFL by the “experts”, the, ahem DENVER BRONCOS are now, ahem, 4-0.

That’s right. 4-0.  Sure it is early, and they still have to play teams which could (and probably will) crush them like the Giants, Ravens, Eagles, Chargers, Steelers, so on…but can I say how good it feels, the smile it brings to my face, when the Broncos show why yes, world, we do have defense and do so by Beating the Goddamn Dallas Cowboys????

It’s a beautiful thing.  After the coaching strife, the Cutler strife, having eveyone of the experts not pick them as the winner for a single game so far this year, to be 4-0, atop the AFC west, and to beat The Goddamn Dallas Cowboys???

Hell y’all, after the week I had, this is the most righteous thing in the universe.  Life, at the moment is damn good!



I forsee myself adding a Buckhalter jersey to my Broncos collection…it can hang next to Bailey!

  1. rootietoot says:

    ok, don’t care squat for NFL, but my beloved SEC Auburn Tigers? Not even ranked at the start? Now 5-0, against teams like Tennessee, WV, and Miss. State. Oh yeah, I know yer joy.

    • Ren says:

      RT: I seem to be surrounded by UVA, WV, V Tech and…gah…Gator fans as far as college ball goes. Oh yeah, and Army. I have been to a lot of Army/Navy games.

  2. Rootie: Great start by Auburn..but the fun stops for ole War Damn Eagle when LSU and Ole Miss come to town.

    Ren: You’re not the only one crowing today about your NFL team. Who Dat say dem Saints got no defense?? And no running game?? And can’t ball hawk against the good teams?? N’Awlins….4-0 with the bye week coming…look out, NFC!!!!

    And on the opposite side: Tennessee Titans…0-4?!?!?! WTF, Jeff Fisher???


  3. Anybody that beats Dallas is A-OK in my book!

  4. Oh…and props to both the 49ers and Steelers for showing what an old fashioned slobber-knocker ass-whoppin’ beatdown looks like. Poor Lightnin’ Bolts….never knew what hit ’em.

    Maybe time, Ren, for you and Jill to bring back the Football Femmes??


  5. Way to go, Broncos!

    I’ll admit, I had them pegged as also-rans this season – not wooden-spoon contenders but not likely to make play-offs. Guess I was wrong!

    The Saints’ performances so far have been outstanding, although this was the first time they faced truly challenging opposition. I now think they’re my tip to go all the way.

    I am definitely looking forward to the Monday Night Football game – one way or another, there is going to be a massive storyline out of this one!

    • Ren says:

      My way, way early superbowl picks: AFC- The Ravens. Why? Because they are scrappy as hell. NFC- Woo, this is much harder- the Giants could do it, Philly could do it…but for some reason, I am looking further north to MN or Greenbay.

      Denver has looked good, surprisingly so, thus far, and no mistake, they are my team (and hahahaha they beat The Goddamn Dallas Cowboys!), but the rest of their games, aside from Oakland and Kansas City, are TOUGH, they play the NFC North this year- which means the GIants and Philly, as well as the Ravens, Pittsburg, and a lot of really, really tough teams.

      As for tonites game, I kinda like Green Bay, but I LOOOOOVE Brett Favre!

      • I went back and watched the Denver game again on International Game Pass, their D is what’s winning it on that evidence, the amount of trouble the offense gave themselves in the first half was ridiculous! But they do say that Defense Wins Championships, so you never know!

        My dream outcome for the season is NFC Championship game between MN and GB, because I always want the Packers to win everything, but also I want Favre to confound all his critics this season. He’s done a great job so far. First everyone was going, “Oh, will he be able to dial it back, play within himself, not overwork his tired old body?” and for the first 2 games he did exactly that. So they started going, “Ah, he’s old, can he turn it up and launch the ball down-field like he used to to win the game when it’s on the line?” and what does he do in week 3? Wins the game with just seconds to spare, on a long ball launched to the back of the endzone. Can’t help loving watching that kind of talent and joyful playing of a sport.

        I want GB to win it, because I think they need to to get very far this season, and they are my team, but with Brett in the form he’s in, and the hiccups that the GB O have suffered their first 3 games, I think this one is going to the Vikes. I’m just looking forward to a really good contest.

  6. My condolences for next week. The orange is about to get crushed by New England.

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