Beer & Popcorn vs. Whiskey & Drag Racing…

Posted: October 3, 2009 in Humans, Personal

Odd statement, no?

It is one that was made to me…okay, story here…

I have a friend, who is in a group of larger friends, and for the sake of this we’ll call him Liam, and then I have a friend who is my best friend (Vladimir), who is not so much in with the rest of the group of friends which contains Liam.  Now, of that group of friends, Liam is one of the few of them who does not piss me off on a fairly regular basis, but because that group is pretty tight with Mr. E and a lot of the time, they are not so bad in general, even fun, I do not often say much, but there are several reasons I do not always like running with them and one of those reason is several of ‘em do not like Vladimir.

And sorry, if you can’t hang with Vladimir, who is my best friend, and you expect me to choose?  You will loose.  It’s that simple. 

Another reason is they have seemed to have forgotten how to have fun.  They work, they game, they sleep.  They do other rather boring hobbies sometimes.  Eleven o’clock is way past bedtime for the lot of them.  Even on weekends.

Anyway, here lately, Liam has been spending time hanging out with me and Vladimir without the rest of the group of friends:  gaming, hanging out, going out, doing some chilling out and drinking and just…well…having fun.  And at one point he made the statement that hanging out with them (the group), is, well, like beer and popcorn.  It’s nice. It’s mellow.  It’s cautious and safe and yeah, it can be fun and comforting and routine and all.  Whereas hanging out with us is like whiskey and drag racing.  Which is also fun, but in a whole different not so safe and cautious and comforting way.

At first I loved the comparison.  Still do, really, but it got me to thinking.  See. Beer & Popcorn?  Almost everyone likes or is okay with beer & popcorn.  Whiskey & Drag racing sounds a lot more dangerous, doesn’t it?  And it is true, both Vladimir and I are intense people, with strong personalities, and strong opinions, and not a lot in the way of tact filters.  We do not actually drink that often, but when we do, it is Serious Business.  He tends to dress like the character Tallahassee, and well, I have that Tremor Brother thing going on, and when we do go out to do something…it tends to be on the unhinged (within reason) side.  And a nite out for us ends at 5 am the next morning quite often… 

I think it is hard for Whiskey & Drag Racing to hold friends or keep in friends groups when most of the world is far more Beer & Popcorn.  I envy Beer & Popcorn for that.  Funny thing that I have noted here with the local crew(s) though?  When the chips are down, so to speak, it is Whiskey & Drag Racing that will have your back.  Beer & Popcorn is too concerned with not breaking the routine or they have to be in bed by eleven.  Beer & Popcorn might bail you out of jail- then remind you of their good deed forever and give you a disapproving look.  Whiskey & Drag Racing will be sitting in the cell next to you laughing.

  1. Outis says:

    “… will be sitting in the cell next to you laughing.”

    Brava Ren!

    Unexpectedly, I found myself having lunch with someone you know yesterday. During the conversation your name was brought up. We both agreed as to your awesomeness.

    This post is just another example of how wonderful you are.

    You truly do deserve to be a member of the W&DR group!

  2. Roy Kay says:

    I tend to be incredibly level and in bed 11ish. OTOH, if you NEED someone to get drunk and be totally silly and un-selfconscious, I’m your guy. I tend to know the odds of getting into trouble and I tend to also figure “but how much trouble is trouble, REALLY.”

    Yeah, I’d bail you out; but all along I’d be trying to figure out hoe to break you out.

  3. Gaina says:

    Please tell me next time you’re in England. You me, and Caroline need to get up to some mischief….ok well, you two can take care of the mischief, I’ll just tag along and let myself be corrupted. LOL

    Just promise me I can be tucked up and snoring by 11:45 at the latest. 😛

  4. rootietoot says:

    I love to *watch* whiskey and drag racing, in fact, I’m usually right there when someone yells “MEDIC!” but…I guess I’m…hmmm…the designated driver.

  5. I am Whiskey and Beer! lolz

  6. Stone Fox says:

    i am: whiskey with a beer chaser, eating popcorn watching the drags.

    country bumpkin, pickup truck loving, redneck without the stereotypical ignorance.

  7. Gidget Commando says:

    Damn. My personality is still whiskey and drag racing. With a chronic illness, however, my body is near-beer and popcorn 😦

    Keep up the trouble and enjoy it a little extra for those of us who just can’t anymore, please?

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