To Everyone who has…

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Personal

expressed condolences and helped with vet issues…

Thank you.

I finally slept, cried, and snuggled with Sharon for a few hours  (I don’t think I am gonna get used to calling her anything but Sharon.)   I am sure there will be mostly more sleeping, crying, and snuggling with Sharon today- but I just wanted to pop in and say Thanks.

  1. Sleeping, crying and snuggling with Sharon sounds like an excellent treatment regime for both of you. Repeat as necessary.

    As for helping out, you’ll always have whatever help I can give (and then some), so no thanks needed.

    Look after yourself and Sharon, take time to recover, and we’ll be glad when you can get back to blogging (but no rush).

  2. Meadester says:

    Really sorry to hear about Ozzy. Hope things are going better now. You don’t have, to change Sharon’s name, there are lots of Sharons in the world and only one that I know who’s married to, or otherwise associated with, an Ozzy. Of course, do whatever helps you feel better.

  3. Ouyang Dan says:

    Hey, Ren.

    I know shit is fucked up right now…

    My PayPal is kind of fucked up right now.

    Can you email me at the email attached to this comment?

  4. Erik says:

    Ditto on the PayPal difficulties. Please email me re. how to send you a contribution.

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