Because I think art should speak….

Posted: September 27, 2009 in Art

What do these say??




  1. Roy Kay says:

    Kind of reading you and your style into this, so it’s not stand alone. Maybe as much Thematic Apperception Test as artistic analysis.

    Grave yard – “Communing with an old enemy” (looks too guarded to be a friend)

    Guns blazing – “Fighting your way out” (arched back implying dodging and retreating)

    Muscle – “Friendly warning. Don’t fuck with me” (the smile makes it friendly, but the eyes send a warning)

  2. Mary says:

    Grave yard – “Rob the grave.”

    Guns blazing and Muscle with Claws – “Kill”

  3. rootietoot says:

    I like the first one…she looks like she’s kind of gloating.

  4. The bottom one, I recognise, so it’s hard for me to interpret without reference to the story it relates to. I would categorise the theme as “pride in one’s body”.

    I read the middle one as “cornered”; “making a stand”; “fighting back”.

    The top one, I am reading as this woman visiting her own grave, and saying, “Never going back!” She looks to me like a vampire or resurrected demon or some such, and I’m reading a lot of magical imagery in he picture so that’s where my mind turns. Maybe she’s resurrecting someone else, for her own ends?

  5. The first one says, “I’m in a cemetery at night, it’s fucking raining, and my hair is in my fucking eyes.”

  6. stratkitten says:

    Wow, Ren…I am consistently floored whenever you post original art…the first one especially is gorgeous 🙂

  7. Gaina says:

    #1. ‘Just making sure….’

    #2. ‘Damn, this new Nintendo Wii handsets are killer!’

    # 3. ‘You picked wrong week to piss me off. Say your prayers, Bitch’.

  8. Kim says:

    Narcissistic of me, but the first one reminds me of ME looking at a grave and thinking “Fuck you, Death.” I’m linking!

  9. lissy says:

    The first one makes me go “Ooh when is that comic coming out?”

    So I get a whole female supernatural detective kind of vibe- that would be cool, maybe something with lots of werewolves and silver bullets…. and sex..

    The second one made me laugh because the male figure has a bit of “Fark! Aughh” look while the female figure has more “fuck you”… I loved the juxtaposition…

    Because my brain is in the comic store today I’m thinking the third pic is a good variant cover (what is it with variant covers though?)… female detective gets bitten goes werewolfy- or a big bad nemesis… oooh it seems so cool in my head…

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