Why this is the best show on tv and why I think Rootie will love it!

Posted: September 26, 2009 in Television

I am a fan of television, no doubt.  Favorite shows include NCIS, Heroes, CSI (Vegas Only), Law & Order (all of ’em), My Name is Earl, 24, Bones, and why yes, Survivor.  However, my absolute favorite show on television currently is Supernatural.

And no, it is not just because Dean drives quite possibly one of the coolest classic cars ever!  (Though he does, that car is just sexy as hell and I would probably cut off a finger to have one just like it).  But why, you might ask, is Supernatural one of the best shows on TV, and why do I think Rootie will like it?

I:  The characters.  The characters in Supernatural are awesome.  Dean, Sam, the various other folk we meet throughout the seasons (Bobby, Meg, The Ghost Facers!) are fairly well rounded and well done.  Currently, I am absolutely loving Castiel.  They all have stories, pasts, issues, strengths, flaws, goals, drives, and all those things that make them awesome. 

II:  The show has a good mix of serious and humorous, creepy & disturbing and fun, scary and silly, hopless and hopeful.  It has, over the seasons, become more serious, but they still put humor or “stress relief” moments in which I think is important. 

III:  Anyone who has a family or sibilings can sure get the love/hate relationships going on with the Winchesters.

IV:  Um….Dean.  That is all I am gonna say.  Dean Dean Dean!  Some people are Sam fans.  Nope.  Dean!  There is another reason, but I am not sure how far into it Rootie is, so I don’t want to give anything away.


I also have to give it to Supernatural….it can honestly be scary.  Like I watch it late at night with the lights on scary.  So many shows and movies attempt to be actually scary and fail miserably.  I think Supernatural does this and does it well.  And while there are “go for the gross-out” moments, it does not rely on those to bring on the horror.  Also, being a fan of supernatural creatures myself (hell, I wrote my senior thesis on vampire myths and legends of Europe) I love seeing all the legends of supernatural creatures- world wide- that they use in the show, as well as all the biblical stuff.  (I have probably read the bible more times than your average Jew, let’s put it that way). 

In some ways, I am surprised this show made it.  I really am.  Because it is good.  A lot of good shows don’t make it.  I mean, while I obviously like cop/forensic shows and action shows, its like everything on TV is either cops, forensics, lawyers, or medical professionals.  There really is not too much else out there.  Things like Supernatural (and Heroes, and the now-defunct BSG) are the oddball shows, the ones that are different from the rest of the nightly lineup.  And while Supernatural does have a few things that probably lent well to its success (Sam and Dean are not too hard on the eyes, after all), shows like this do not always do well.  I think much like “buffy” and “angel”, Supernatural was a right time right place kind of show- the one odd-ball in the line up that a lot of people who wanted something different from cops, forensics and “House”  were looking for.   

Alas, rumor has it that this is to be the last season of Supernatural, that when this season is over, the story they had planned will be done…and seeing how it is progressing, I guess I can understand that….but if that is true, I am going to miss it- because IMHO, it’s the best show on television.

  1. rootietoot says:

    I’ve seen the first 4 episodes, and yes, I’m liking it! I’ve always had a thing for supernatural-themed shows (Have you ever seen Dark Shadows? Cheesy as heck) and this one seems (so far, 4 episodes in) to be doing a good job with the sibling dynamic and the creepy stuff isn’t so over-the top as to be completely implausible. And the car….*sigh*

    I like Dean. Sam is too…puppyish. But then I suppose that’s his appeal to people in a different age demographic.

  2. If those fucking d00ds in the picture furrow their brows any further, they’re gonna give themselves fucking brain damage.

    • rootietoot says:

      They have to furrow their brows cuz it SRYS and They Mean Bizniss. Plus they’re squintin’ at the unearthly light off in the distance, figurin’ how to run over it with their awesome car. I think the car ought to get a personality of sorts, y’know, pivotal role or something.

    • Ren says:

      Please bitch, you have never seen my brows furrowed. I SO win on brow furrowing!

  3. Senator says:

    Supernatural is the only TV show I make a point to watch. Looking back I enjoy the more “anthology” style eps over the meta-arc, I think. But at the same time – each and every time I read a synopsis of an upcoming episode and I think oh man, this is the moment they’re actually going to waterski over the hammerhead – they wind up blowing me the hell away when I see it. The writing team gets mega kudos for their work. The ep actually called “Jump the Shark” is a great example! lol (I don’t want to ruin anything for folks who haven’t seen it).

    IIRC Sam and Dean’s actors have contracts to a sixth season, but Eric and Ben are leaving the creative team. If CW wants to push for one more, I believe they can – but they need new folks to helm it.

  4. rootietoot says:

    thanks y’all for not giving things away, I’m just getting started on it via Netflix, and don’t want to know anything…

  5. Supernatural is the best tv series ever, I am sad that it`s going to end after this season.

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