How Much do We love…

Posted: September 18, 2009 in Television

Castiel from Supernatural?

I mean, okay, I do now and always will have a thing for Dean Winchester, but I must say, Cas has stock that is rapidly rising with me.  A badass Angel who looks like a relatively cute frustrated accountant?  Full of Awesome.

I must thank both Ginmar and my brother for slapping me around until I started watching this show.  Well, okay, there was no real slapping involved, but yeah.    It is my favorite show on TV currently…

And (Spoiler Alert)

I am pleased that War of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse showed up in…Colorado.  This amuses me for some reason.  I suspect Pestilence is hanging out in Florida…

(I have a minor Four Horsemen Obsession, btw…)

  1. ginmar says:

    Oh, dude! DUDE! Not only is Castiel awesome but Misha Collins, who plays him, loves fucking with the fans, who are some of the weirdest in fandom. He’s hysterically funny at cons, and nobody’s safe.

  2. Peter Tupper says:

    I’ve heard that Castiel’s human form was based on DC Comics’ John Constantine, a working-class warlock.

  3. FaeTeardrop says:

    i concur 🙂 cas is definately my fav after dean…jus about to sit down & watch episode three

    • Debbie Sens says:

      Totally agree! Cas and Dean FTW!!! What I love about Dean is #1 awesome taste in music #2 his personality is just bad ass…..Sam is cool too but Dean is awesome. The new season looks really good, can’t wait to see how everything turns out, looks like Sam is going to be Lucifers host, not sure thats a good thing!

      You’d think one of the 4 horsemen turns out in Vegas…one just has too!

      • FaeTeardrop says:

        of course he is!! jus like Dean is Michae’s vessel….the whole series has been them constantly playing off against each other

  4. Vladimir says:

    I sitll swear that was a strip club and not a brothel

  5. Erissa says:

    Dean used to be my favourite but now I`m torn apart. I mean, during the development of supernatural, I fond castiel has an a beautiful, interesting and mistirious man. And I love it! He`s awsome 😀

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