Posted: September 17, 2009 in Art

artist7As some of you know, I draw when the mood strikes.  The mood is fickle however.  Be that as it may, I am feeling urge to do some cartoons and such.  May even scrap the current logo for a cartoon one.  And yeah, a lot of my cartoons are also porny.  Too bad.  If you do not like porny cartoons, you can close your eyes and stuff.

I pretty much only draw people.  Do any of you all draw, and if so….what?

  1. rootietoot says:

    Don’t draw, ‘cept JJA-ish botanical watercolors type things. Plant-porn, if you will. Do sculpt some, and photograph plenty. I can be colorful and artsy verbally, esp when dressing down an errant child (or numb-nuts at Walmart)

  2. Dw3t-Hthr says:

    I’ve done drawings of RPG characters, a fair amount, but that’s the only line art I tend to do. The rest of it tends towards the category ‘fantasy art’, I suspect; some of it is religious in nature. 😉

    I prefer chalk pastels for some things; my other style tends to look like a woodcut. I get all munged up about perspective with pencil, for the most part, and then I have fits of “I can’t do 2D art” and stomp off and sulk.

  3. Ernest Greene says:

    Skill-level zero at drawing, but love looking at it. And it’s especially nice to see an image of someone seemingly familiar who is so clearly joyous. Hope to see lots more of your work here with the passage of time.

  4. Drawing is really the skill that I wished I had but don’t! I usually stick to trying to draw with words or sounds instead. I’m super-jealous of your talent!

    When I do take up the pen or pencils, I sometimes draw people (but have a real problem getting the detail of faces and stuff). I also doodle cartoon-ish characters and making geometrical figures into faces and stuff.

    I also like to draw fantasy/made up landscapes.

  5. Other than football diagrams, band uniforms, and crazy road interchanges….my drawing skills are zilch. I prefer to defer to those who can draw.

    And nothing wrong with drawing porny….porny is good.


  6. Roy Kay says:

    I can draw a pretty fair line with a straight edge and a ruler. Beyond that, I’m lost.

  7. Gaina says:

    Hi Ren,

    I like what you’ve done with the new place ;-).

    Here’s my arty-fartyness and

    I’m concentrating more on painting this year at University, so I hope to get more of that up in my galleries in the next few weeks.

  8. Eli says:

    I draw a webcomic that is sort of an allegorical journal of my life. It’s also a bit porny because I draw whatever I want (and I’ve been drawing my own porn since my teens).

    I stopped drawing for years because of school and then got back into it through anime fan art. Lately I mostly just update the comic. Thanks to the web I can now let people see my stuff.

  9. Sina says:

    I used to draw, all sorts of things with acrylic or pastel colours. But now I’m more into making music:-)

  10. FaeTeardrop says:

    never been able to draw decent ppl…..tend to jus stick to landscapes….the sea….paint or pen…..been a long time since i’ve done anything thgh

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